Why isn't my website showing up in Google?

If you have recently launched a new website or your first website into the world wide web, and the next day you Google yourself to see if it comes up but it doesn't?

Don't hit the panic button - here's the main reasons why your site isn't YET appearing in search results:

1. Google hasn't yet crawled your website: to speed this up, submit your website to Google via Google Search Console.

2. There aren't any clicks to your website yet - add your URL to your social media pages, your email signature, to the online directories you're a part of, any online profile that you have. Then start promoting! People won't magically find your website that you published live a week ago, you need to consistently and regularly nudge people to click through to it. Once you start getting click throughs, Google will start paying more attention.

3. Your website isn't optimised for your keywords - make sure each of your pages has all the meta tags filled out correctly, and make sure your mobile site is optimised since Google will crawl your mobile site before your desktop site.

4. Your content isn't hiting the mark. If your website content doesn't meet your target audiences needs or wants, then you'll struggle to rank in Google. Besides, content is the reason Google exists!

5. Your site has crawl issues that need to be fixed. When you sign up for Google Search Console, you'll be alerted to any crawl issues that need to be fixed - don't ignore this! Ignoring these alerts leads to Google not indexing your website, meaning you won't show up in Google. Sometimes we ignore these alerts because they can be confusing and use very technical language - I implore you to seek the help of a professional and get any crawl issues fixed immediately if you want Google to love you again.

All sounds too much? Book in for a mini-website audit and let me assist you follow the link to find out more -