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Keywords & On-Page SEO Plan

Keywords are the 'golden ticket' when it comes to getting found on Google; by not using the best keywords for your business and within your website, it's unlikely you will rank highly in Google search results pages.

Before you do any kind of marketing to drive website traffic, you MUST ensure your website is SEO-sound - otherwise?


You're leading a thirsty horse to an empty trough...


My Keyword Research & On-Page SEO plan is an absolutely essential investment if you're serious about SEO and getting found online.


I conduct your keyword research including competitor research and then create your on-page SEO plan that tells you EXACTLY where your keywords need to go in your website for Google glory.

A peek inside how this works

1. I stalk your Google Analytics & run an audit or your website

  • I jump into your Google Analytics to see how your website, Keywords & SEO has been performing over the last 12 months, and highlight anything that needs our attention

  • Then, I run your website through one of my auditing programs that tells me a few key things:

> How many organic keywords you're currently ranking for

> Your Google rankings for those organic keywords

> Your main competitors for those keywords

> A backlinks report to see how many backlinks you have and the type of backlinks you have

> A site audit that will indicate any critical data about your website performance such as broken links, missing meta tags, site speed, page size and more

2. Commence keyword research

​This is the part where I start to brainstorm all your possible keywords and narrow them down into a small list.

This includes lots of Googling, competitor analysis, keyword comparisons, and using my favourite keyword research tools to decide on the best set of keywords for each page of your website. 

Once I've established your list, I then put them into action...

3. On-page SEO plan

I assign a keyword for each page of your website, and write out all your page titles, meta descriptions and heading tags so all you have to do is copy/paste them into your website's SEO areas. 

This also includes an analysis of your image alt titles and I provide some suggestions to improve them if they're not properly optimised. 

Plus, I will provide a plan on where your keywords for each page should also be found within the content of your website. 

4. You (or I) then implement the plan into your website & learn how to monitor them

​Once I hand over your keywords & on-page SEO plan and it's been implemented, we monitor them over the next few months and track their performance. 

This is mostly done by you, but I show you how to do this using the same tools I've just used to complete your SEO plan. 

I like to also keep an eye on them, and I'll highlight some notable changes as they occur. 

I'm big on the education and self-confidence side of things when it comes to SEO, so you won't be left alone at this point, I will check in on you from time to time and see how things are going, and you're welcome to reach out to me whenever you need. 


1. Fill in the form below

2. Make payment

3. Sit back and relax - your audit will be emailed within 3 weeks (could be sooner, depending on how many are booked in before you)

4. After you receive your audit I will follow up with you in a weeks time to see if you have any questions, or if you would li

$795 + GST

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