Keywords & on-page SEO strategy

Before you do any kind of marketing to drive website traffic, you MUST ensure your website is SEO-sound - otherwise?


You're leading a thirsty horse to an empty trough...


My Keyword Research & On-Page SEO plan is an absolutely essential investment if you're serious about SEO and getting found online.

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how it works

Phase 1: Website Stalk

I take a look at your website & SEO performance over the last 12 months (or however long your site has been live - if it's a brand new site then this part will be omitted)

Things I check:

  • Organic keywords your website is already ranking for on Google

  • Organic monthly website traffic

  • Where your traffic came from

  • Most viewed pages of your website

  • Image SEO analysis

  • Site speed

* It is CRUCIAL that you have Google Analytics set up for me to complete this part - if you don't this whole section will be omitted; this doesn't affect your *actual* plan)

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Phase 2: Keyword Research

This is the part where I start brainstorming all the keywords your website/business should consider trying to rank on Google for & attract the right type of client/customer. 

When performing keyword research I assess a range of things including:

  • Search volumes

  • SEO difficulty for each keyword

  • Competitor research

  • Trends

  • Related keywords, and

  • Website performance data


With my method, I’m able to establish a list of Primary keywords that we will focus on getting you ranked for in Google.

1 keyword will be assigned for each page of your website. 

Phase 3: Keywords & Meta Tags Plan

Now that I've established your Primary Keywords list, it's time to put them into action! 

This is the part where I put your keywords into all the places Google will look for them, including:

  • Page Titles - all pages

  • Meta Descriptions - all pages

  • Heading 1 Tags - main pages (excludes Shopify product pages*)

  • Page content

  • Image alt titles

  • Blogs (if applicable)

*Shopify combines Page Titles & Heading 1 Tags for product and collection pages

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Phase 4: You (or I) implement the plan into your website

Now that your plan is ready and handed over to you, you get to implement it into your website or have me do it for you. 

A personalised video is provided to explain how the plan works and what you need to do with it. 

You have 2 options here:

1. You can implement the plan/optimise your website yourself, or

2. For an extra fee, I can do it for you. You give me the keys to your website and I'll pimp it out!


I provide you with the tools and information on how to track your keywords - this part is SUPER important!


We need to track them to see that they're working and *how* they're working. We can never just assume they are - they may need tweaking, or we may need to explore how else we can add your keywords into your site, such as by blog writing. 


Are you thinking, "Karlie, this is FAB, but can you also implement the plan into my website for me?"

If you have a Wix, Squarespace or Shopify website,

then yes, sure can!

A separate invoice will be provided for this extra service as it will depend on how many pages you have, but we will chat first :)



1/ Choose when you want your plan to arrive


You get to choose when you would like your plan completed & delivered!

2/ Complete the survey


There are two separate forms - one for service based businesses and one for online stores. 

Fill in the form that applies to you and submit.

3/ Email confirmation sent & your plan is prepared


I will confirm your order via email and your plan will arrive on the date you picked. 

Once your plan arrives I'll offer you a follow up phone/video call to answer any questions or discuss further help if you need it. 

ready, set, gooooo! 

Start now by clicking Service-based or Online Stores

(a quote is provided for online stores due to the varying number of products/collections stores have)

"Wow!! Karlie is amazing!! For someone who didn't know much about SEO, I feel like I have been so well supported & have grown to understand much more.


She communicates clearly, is so personable & will happily do extra research to answer a question fully. I'm thrilled to have such a wonderful result"

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