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seo audit + action plan

Taking the guess work and confusion out of your SEO woes and whipping them into shape!


An SEO audit is basically a checkup for your website to see how well it's doing in search engines. It's like going to the doctor for your website.


An SEO audit will identify areas where your website can be improved so it can rank higher in search results and get more visitors. It offers a range of options for your website, both in search engine visibility and overall user experience.

What's an SEO audit?

the key benefits of an seo audit

An SEO audit is a valuable tool for understanding your website's strengths and weaknesses in regards to SEO.


By addressing the issues it reveals, you can create a website that attracts more visitors, converts better, and achieves your online goals.

what are the tangible goals of an seo audit?


Improved Search Engine Rankings

This is the big one. By identifying SEO weaknesses, you can fix them and climb higher in search results for relevant keywords.

Increased Website Traffic

Higher rankings often translate to more clicks and visitors to your site. An SEO audit can help you attract the right kind of traffic, people genuinely interested in what you offer.

Enhanced User Experience

Many SEO best practices align with creating a user-friendly website. A well-optimised site loads faster, is mobile-friendly, and has clear navigation, all of which contribute to a better experience for visitors.

Higher Conversion Rates

With more targeted traffic and a user-friendly experience, you're more likely to convert visitors into leads or sales.

Identifying Technical Issues

SEO audits can uncover technical problems that hinder search engines from properly crawling and indexing your website.

Uncovering Competitor Strategies

SEO audits include competitor analysis, which can be insightful. You can learn what keywords your competitors rank for, their backlink profile, and their content strategy.

Long-Term SEO Success

By establishing a baseline through an audit, you can track your progress over time and measure the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Content Analysis

An audit can reveal areas where your content can be improved to be more relevant and engaging for your target audience.

“If you want someone to knock your website into shape, Karlie's your woman. I love her no-nonsense approach. Plus, my enquiries have increased since I implemented her SEO advice.”


What's included in an SEo audit

Crawling and indexing review

We’re checking to see what pages of your website have been crawled and indexed by Google and identifying any crawl errors (anything stopping Google from 'assessing' your website).

Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on ensuring search engines can easily find, understand, and index your website.

on-page SEo/meta tags

Assessment of your meta tags to ensure they're optimised for SEO including your page titles, meta descriptions, heading tags, and content.

image optimisation

Assessment of your website images to ensure they're optimised for SEO. Thi also helps you to get found on Google Image Search.

Traffic acquisition

An in-depth review of how you acquire website traffic and identify areas to increase traffic from Google, & target the right traffic/clients/customers.

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Investment: $550 +GST


website & SEO review FAQ'S

CAN WE DO A FOLLOW UP CALL? Extra coaching/consulting is available for an extra fee of $250 per hour - if you only have 1 or 2 questions then you're welcome to email me these, but if you have a number of questions that I deem worth of an extra consulting call then I will advise this.

CAN YOU PUT IMPLEMENT THE RECOMMENDATIONS YOU SUGGEST FOR ME? Possibly - depending on what I suggest is needed, but absolutely ask me and we can work something out!

DO I NEED GOOGLE ANALYTICS SET UP? Yes. As well as Google Search Console. This way I can gain access to your website data and give you the best suggestions and advice possible.

DO YOU JUST PROVIDE A REPORT FULL OF DATA? HECK NO! I'm not here to make life harder for you - you will be presented with data and graphs etc, but these will be simply explained to you so you don't have to figure stuff out or cry into your pillow at night.

DO YOU OFFER ON-GOING SEO MANAGEMENT? I do - send me a message and I'll send you more info!



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