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Decoding, deciphering & dominating your online biz with

Biz Bytes with Techno Bird - a business podcast
Biz Bytes with Techno Bird - a business podcast

About the podcast

Biz Bytes with Techno Bird is your go-to podcast destination if you're keen to learn more about the world of web design, the intricacies of SEO (and how to make it make sense), debunking digital marketing, banter with other brilliant business owners, and want to be part of a community where you feel seen and supported. 


Feeling overwhelmed by the digital world?


Join me, Karlie Plowman - website designer and SEO specialist with 10 years of experience under my wings, who is on a mission to make it all make sense when it comes to running an online business, no matter your industry.


Forget the fluff!


This podcast is all about practical, actionable advice that cuts through the jargon and makes managing your online presence simple and effective. From debunking SEO mysteries to unlocking website magic, candid chats with industry experts across social media, AI, SEO, branding, marketing, and more. I'll share fluff-free tips and tricks to help you boost your online visibility and success.

What awaits you

  • Solo episodes: I'll be diving deep into specific topics, offering clear explanations and actionable strategies

  • Candid chats: Learn from inspiring conversations with successful business owners and industry experts, sharing their real-world insights and experiences

  • Wide-ranging topics: We cover everything you need to thrive online, from SEO and website optimisation to marketing, social media, and time management

  • No filler, all value: Get straight-to-the-point advice that's easy to understand and implement.


Ready to join the Techno Bird flock and take your online business to new heights? 

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Get your binge on

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5 common website mistakes and how to fix them - episode 2 of Biz Bytes with Techno Bird, a business podcast
how do you 'shift the funk'? - episode 3 of Biz Bytes with Techno Bird, a business podcast

Want to be a guest?

I'd love to chat! Pitch your topic that you feel an audience of small and solo business owners could learn from or let me know your area of expertise and let's lock you in.

Thanks for your interest, I'll be in touch soon!

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