Understand, track, and manage your website’s SEO without a rocket science degree 🚀

SEO? More like SE-oh shit, right?


Like, wtf even is it? Science? Dark arts? The Matrix?


Do I need to fly to California and bend the knee on the front steps of Googleplex to get my website appearing on page 1? 

Chill, my friend 🧊


Yeah, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vast and multidimensional universe to explore, but you can absolutely DIY the essentials and get great results.

The kind of results that’ll get your website seen by people who are searching for exactly what you’re offering.

“But howwww, Karlie?

With my Monthly SEO Planner, baby!

Designed to help you understand, track, and improve your rankings and performance, this bad boi breaks down the basics so you can get your website working harder for you.


So, what is it?

It’s an A3 monthly desktop planner that’ll empower you to regularly analyse your website’s performance and teach you how to make impactful changes.


And it’s so much more than just another cute piece of stationery to throw on your desk.

It’s intuitive, educational, and practical AF 🔮


"OK, where the hell has this been all my life?! Karlie's monthly SEO planner helps me manage my SEO in regular, small, manageable

yet effing powerful bite size chunks so I can stay on track and kiss Google's butt strategically.

Get it in your life, people!"

- Jo Hickman, Hola Creative

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Is it really that simple?

You betcha.

Each month, you’ll use the planner to check the current performance of your website and content across all your channels.


Then, you’ll use that data to plan the month ahead, map out your content, and earn your website the Google glory it deserves.

Which data to track, where to find it, how to read it, and how to implement simple strategies to get results.

"Karlie, are you going to throw a bunch of tech-y terms and science-y words at me and send me on my merry way 🥺? "

The Monthly SEO Planner comes with a foolproof how-to guide that explains how to check important stats using Google Analytics, Google Search Console, your social media insights, and a

badass online SEO tool.

What you’ll learn:


  • How to track which keywords you’re ranking for

  • How to check and track page views, bounce rates, site speed, and more

  • How to check your site for issues like broken links or missing titles

  • How to use last month’s performance to plan next month’s content

  • How to build your site’s authority.

TLDR: You’ll learn how to boost your Google rankings by making data-backed tweaks to your website and content marketing.

And the best part?

You’ll be doing it all yourself. 

Like the legit effing legend you are 😎.

SEO will become something you work on regularly, just like any other part of your business.


It’ll feel simple, comfortable, achievable, satisfying, and totally under control.


You’ll be able to talk about it at parties and sound intelligent AF.


(Ok, maybe don’t bring it up at parties bc you’ll never be invited again, weirdo😝).