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SEO Services for service based &
e-commerce businesses

Helping you to supercharge your SEO & get found online


What if there was some magical way to get more buyers who are ready to drop their cash on what you sell?

There is.

And it's not magic.

It’s science. 


Here’s the lowdown…

✔ You’ve got a website that looks ace.

✔ Branding is blitzed.

✔ Packages on point. 


x  But no one can find you. 

x  There’s No PayPal ping.

x  No Stripe ka-ching.


Just… crickets.


It's your (lack of) SEO, my friend. BUT GUESS WHAT?


You can take control back...

seo agency melbourne - techno bird
seo agency melbourne - techno bird

What happens if you ignore SEO?


You could just cross your fingers and hope people stumble on your site. 

You could keep pouring big bucks into online ads that miss the mark.


But mostly? You risk online obscurity - lack of traffic, lack of buyers, lack of clients, lack of website conversions, and your competitors luring your potential clients/customers over to them. 

Basically, nobody will know you exist 😞

With SEO, you could go from undiscovered to Queen of your industry online with the help of my SEO services that tells you exactly how to be found by your ideal buyer. 



✔ Traffic

✔ Quality leads

✔ Google visibility

✔ Conversions  

 ✔ Online cred 


Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 7.26.28 pm.png

I was overwhelmed with SEO...


and from first contact she made it all so easy and clear for me to understand (plus she's so professional and lovely to deal with).


I appreciate that she kept in contact with me through the process and provided me with a very thorough report on the work she was doing with my website.


I would contact Karlie in a heartbeat again for this kind of work (and I actually will be for other businesses I have!).


I would highly recommend her for your SEO needs - you won't be disappointed.

- Prema, All Pure Cleaning


I am already seeing

increased website traffic


Karlie was unbelievably helpful and responsive when it came to enhancing my website’s SEO performance.


I am already seeing increased website traffic as a result of her expertise and advice and would highly recommend her to anyone with a website that’s not delivering as well as it could.


Bonus points for the fact she is genuinely passionate about SEO and helping business owners meet their business goals through great websites that actually work well.

- Hannah, Small Circle 

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