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SEO Services for service-based

businesses & e-commerce

⚡Show up online and get more sales with super-charged SEO ⚡ 

What if there was some magical way to get more buyers who are ready to drop their cash on what you sell?

There is. And it ain’t magic. It’s science.  Here’s the lowdown…

You’ve got a website that looks ace.

Branding is blitzed.

Packages on point. 


But no one can find you. 

There’s No PayPal ping.

No Stripe ka-ching.

Just… crickets. 


Your SEO sucks.


(I know that might sting a little, but sometimes tough love is the *right* love).

Sound familiar?

You could just cross your fingers and hope people stumble on your site. 

You could keep pouring big bucks into online ads that miss the mark.

Or you could go from undiscovered to un-fucking-real with an SEO website audit that tells you exactly how to be found by your ideal buyer. 

My website and SEO audits will catapult your biz with more:

Google visibility


Quality leads


Online cred 

How my SEO and website audits work

1️⃣  Choose your audit

2️⃣   I’ll be in touch to confirm your order, ask you a couple of questions to help me understand your business and check if you have any specifics you want me to address.


3️⃣  Your audit is emailed to you in 2-3 weeks and we’ll book a phone chat to walk through it together.  


And then? You can implement my recommendations or book me to do them for you. 

 let's rock n roll 🤘🏼 


This is a full analysis of your website from top to toe, covering:

  • Design analysis

  • UX analysis

  • Technical SEO 

  • Keywords analysis

  • Content analysis

The 'whole shebang' as they say.


It comes in a 30+ page report with full recommendations + action plan to improve your website from all aspects mentioned above. 

"Karlie's audit of my website was so incredibly detailed, not one page or paragraph was missed. Every piece of content was reviewed and not only providing feedback but how to improve each aspect for an overall better working website and higher traffic flow."

- Ashleigh Kate


Keywords are the 'golden ticket' when it comes to getting found on Google; by not using the best keywords for your business and within your website, it's unlikely you will rank highly in Google search results pages. 

Before you do any kind of marketing to drive website traffic, you MUST ensure your website is SEO-sound - otherwise?


You're leading a thirsty horse to an empty trough...


My Keyword Research & Technical SEO plan is an absolutely essential investment if you're serious about SEO and getting found online.


I conduct your keyword research including competitor research and then create your technical SEO plan that tells you EXACTLY where your keywords need to go in your website for Google glory. 

"Karlie demystified SEO for me.  She was so approachable and created a clear, no fuss, easy to follow plan to implement everything I needed on my site.  Her plan listed out exactly where to put the keywords she suggested and I continue to come back to it. 


She also shares her ideas and knowledge through socials and emails in an incredibly generous way.  I am able to fine-tune my SEO with all of the tips and tricks she gives - for FREE!.  Karlie gave me a firm foundation in understanding SEO and she empowered me to take charge of this part of my business. SEO is no longer a mystery."

- Raelean Goodacre, Paper and Flower

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