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How to find out where your website traffic is coming from

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Understanding website acquisition is super important for website/business owners so you can understand what marketing tactics are working better for you & which one's maybe aren't, or what ones you might consider improving.

Maybe you assume that Instagram is sending you the most traffic because you spend more of your time on your Instagram posts/stories etc - but do you know how to actually prove this?

Watch below for a quick video tutorial on how to find your website acquisition report in Google Analytics - it's less than 1 minute long but it can give you incredibly valuable information!

The little pie chart shows you my current acquisition stats for 2020 so far - it tells me the following:

- Most of my website traffic is coming from social media 32.4%

- Closely followed by 'Direct' at 28.5% (Direct means people typing my URL into their browser)

- 25.2% of my website traffic comes from Organic Search (people typing either my keywords or business name into Google)

- 7.9% comes from Email (people clicking on my website link in emails they receive from me/I send them)

- 5.9% of website traffic from Referral traffic

I found all that out in under 1 minute. You can drill down further too - for example, in the video you can see me click on Social, which then drills it down to see the individual social media apps stats; for me, Instagram is leading the traffic driving, followed by Facebook.

So what can I then learn from this?

I learn what areas of my SEO or digital marketing are working for me, what I might want to try and improve if I want to increase traffic from email marketing for example, I could look at the content in my emails - maybe I'm not adding enough links or buttons that take people to my website, and I could add more...

There's SO much to learn from Google Analytics! If you haven't yet set up your free account, best put it on top your to-do list if you want business to grow and thrive online - knowledge is POWER, friends.



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