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Websites are my love language.
seo is my
ride or die. 


G'day! I'm Karlie
website designer & seo specialist


G'day! I'm Karlie
website designer & seo specialist

With over 10 years of experience in the web design & SEO world, I have established myself as a leader in the industry, having worked with a diverse range of businesses across various realms.


I'm passionate about supporting women in micro, small and medium sized business - I've been in your shoes, I've walked your walk, I'm here to light the path with you. 

Techno Bird serves as a platform for empowering business owners with the knowledge, skills & tools needed to thrive in the digital landscape. 


My expertise lies in designing websites for service-based businesses, but I also have a cosmic passion for unraveling the intricacies of SEO and making them accessible to business owners - SEO is my superpower, and I'm going to make it yours, too.

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The bare minimum SEO things you should be doing on your website - episode 1 of Biz Bytes with Techno Bird, a business podcast
5 common website mistakes and how to fix them - episode 2 of Biz Bytes with Techno Bird, a business podcast
how do you 'shift the funk'? - episode 3 of Biz Bytes with Techno Bird, a business podcast
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growing a business takes time, patience, being adaptable & flexible, being open to making mistakes, courage, determination, love, sweat & all kinds of tears

This is why mums who start businesses are my superhero's. 

Fuck it's hard.

We start out with nothing but pure positivity and a "what could go wrong?" attitude - what could be better than running your own business in your own time, doing something you love every day, making your own money, whilst being there for your babes every second of the day.... 

Then reality hits and we realise that not only are we the 'creators' in our own business, but we're also the:

  • bookkeeper

  • marketing manager

  • graphic designer

  • copywriter

  • social media manager

  • email marketing manager

  • business planner

  • website designer

  • Google ads manager...

It can start to feel so overwhelming and not worth it - am I right?  I know I am - because I have felt all of it, too. I'm 10 years into running my business and I have faced it all.


I've learnt so many valuable and at times, very hard lessons, but those lessons have taught me SO much, which is why you can trust in me and my capabilities, we can go on this adventure together & I can be your guiding light.

I've tried & tested it all - I know what works and what doesn't. I can reduce the overwhelm for you, be your person to ask the 'silly questions'.

Without judgement. 



Wix is my favourite platform for informational, service-based business websites. Wix allows me the creative freedom I desire and have all the features, functionalities, design elements & SEO capabilities you need.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform powerhouse. It has all the tools and services you need to start, run and grow your business and is Australia's No.1 eCommerce platform for all businesses


"Karlie is the creative partner of our dreams.


Karlie from Techno Bird is a true expert, in all things SEO. Pure magic. She's the only creative partner in this space we lean on for 100% expertise and support.

We've had the privilege of engaging Karlie on multiple client briefs, across various industries and she delivers every time.

Incredibly thorough and insightful.
Always with stellar recommendations.
Super easy to implement guidance.
Clear and concise communication.

Karlie is magic, she's also a rad human [and we love that]. F
orever our SEO fairy god mother, we can't recommend Techno Bird and partnering with Karlie enough."

- Terri & Dyani, Whiskk 

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