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Shopify website optimisation

Your products are schmick, your brand is bangin, but you're just not getting that Google love or the 'cha-ching' that you thought you would?

Let's fix that. 

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Got a Shopify website but just not getting

  • Website traffic?

  • Found on Google?

  • Ranking for any keywords?

  • Click-throughs from Google, or

  • Conversions/sales?

The biggest mistake I see online store owners make are

  • Not considering keywords when building their website

  • Not enough content on the home page and just going straight for the sell

  • Products that aren't optimised for SEO

  • No keywords, or no keywords where Google looks for them

  • An underwhelming design

These mistakes lead to

  • Nobody being able to find your website or know that you exist

  • Google not knowing that you exist or not considering you as a serious business, so not ranking you well

  • A very quick exit from your website and no adding to cart

  • Losing potential and REPEAT customers to your competitors

Image by Victoria Heath

This << doesn't have to be you. 

Sitting up late at night, staring at your website/analytics/competitors website wondering what's going wrong, and considering chucking it all in...

The solution? Might be that your website just needs some SEO-lovin'. And I can help you with that. 

Here's how



A. I complete a customised Keyword & On-Page SEO Strategy for your website 

B. You hand me the 'keys' to your Shopify website

C. I go in and implement the keywords & on-page strategy into your website + optimise other elements including product optimisation (95% of the Shopify websites that I have optimised have completely missed the mark on optimising their products!) + image optimisation, and anything else that needs tinkering with in an SEO capacity (I'll let you know beforehand what I'm doing)

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And then...



You will receive your very own Desktop Monthly SEO Planner and downloadable guide to help you track and plan your website/keywords/SEO strategy

This is my very own A3 or A4 planner that I invented & created -  it will empower you to regularly analyse your website’s performance and teach you how to make impactful changes.


Each month, you’ll use the planner to check the current performance of your website and content across all your channels.


Then, you’ll use that data to plan the month ahead, map out your content, and earn your website the Google glory it deserves.

Which data to track, where to find it, how to read it, and how to implement simple strategies to get results.


And lastly...



You get a 60 minute website/SEO coaching session with me to throw all your questions at me to help you to further grow your business online.

Ask me anything - how to use Google Analytics, teach you how to use my favourite SEO tool (SE Ranking), brainstorm some keyword-rich blog topics, or who to pitch a guest blog topic to etc




From $2,500 + GST

  • Depending on how many Collections and products you have, a customised quote will be provided 

  • Fill in the enquiry form below and your quote will be sent to you via email along with any extra information or next steps to get you started

  • Questions? Love them! Add them in your enquiry


Start here

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"Without Techno Bird we would have been absolutely lost"

We turned to Karlie in our second year of running our small business when we realised we weren't getting much traction on Google for our Shopify site.

Karlie immediately jumped to it, optimising our site to make us more visible on Google and teaching us about all things SEO which we had NO idea about!"

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- Jess & Carli, Matte + Moss

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