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A4 Desktop Monthly SEO Planner & Guide

A4 Desktop Monthly SEO Planner & Guide

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Far from just another planner that collects dust and takes up space on your desk - the brand new A4 Desktop Monthly SEO Planner will simplify your SEO strategy (as loose as it might be!) and help you to grow your business online. 


Just because it's a smaller size than the original A3, the quality is just as good - it has all the same metrics and content brainstorming sections + lots of space to write extra notes.


Heading off to the local cafe or co-working space to do some biz planning? Easily pop your A4 Desktop SEO Planner into your laptop bag or backpack! 


This planner is a WORLD FIRST - no other planner like this exists in the whole entire universe - how awesome is that! You are truly in possession of something unique that will change the way you think about SEO, how you manage SEO, and how you approach SEO. 


It will empower you to regularly analyse your website’s performance and teach you how to make impactful changes.


It also comes with a free guide on how to use the planner and get the most out of it - I'm literally telling you what data to look at, why you need to look at it, and how to find the data using free tools. Talk about handing you your SEO strategy on a silver platter! 

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