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Hi, I'm Karlie

Founder of Techno Bird - a web design & SEO studio based in the Macedon Ranges. 

I work with driven, bold, creative entrepreneurs to create or improve the digital home for their new or established business. 

I'm here to empower you to feel confident, enlightened, in control & supported when it comes to your website and SEO. The world 'complicated' is not part of my approach or vocabulary. 


Ok, but let’s start with the biggest truth of all... 

I’m just like you.

It’s just that clicks, menus, online design and mastering the Google algorithm feel like home to me.  

Rewind to 2013. I was on maternity leave with my first baby. I had no plans on returning to my mind-numbing, eye-glazing corporate business admin job at the end of my 12 months leave - but I had no idea what the next career chapter looked like for me. 

To cut a long (boring) story short, and at the risk of using the old cliche "I didn't find web design, web design found me", that's actually the complete truth. A volunteer job to take over the local football/netball club website and turn it into a thriving online community sounded like a fun challenge... next minute...

With a baby on my hip, I taught myself SEO and website design, setting up a new life and soul-filling career as a web designer for small business. Without tooting my own horn (but also, toot toot), the art of web design came really natural to me. A very pleasant curve ball thrown at me by the universe. 

And now? I’m walking with business heroes from all walks of life. I’m helping you to show up, live your deepest dreams and thrive online. I wake up excited to go to work – EVERY DAY. 


I believe you can never stop learning. 

Whilst some people have thrown the term "expert" my way, I don't think there's ever been a point where I have said, "you know what, I know it all, there's nothing left to learn". OK so I know I have never said that, and I also know that I never will. 

But what I do know? Web design & SEO is what I'm meant to do in life.


I also know some stuff about starting a business from scratch with zero knowledge, zero money, zero clue but a heck of a lot of passion and trusting my intuition enough to take that leap of faith to do it anyway. 

It might not have worked out, but that was a risk I was willing to take. Luckily for me, it did, it has, and damn I'm grateful. ​


Every web designer has their favourite platforms that they build on and I'm no different. Every platform has it's pros and cons, so for me it's more about what platform I feel most confident with, where my own personal skills are utilised best.

I've tried them all - Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Weebly, Wordpress. All have their own capabilities and as I already said, pros and cons. 

So what's my platform of choice? Wix. 

Why Wix? 

Wix allows me to paint on a blank canvas and put things where I want without having to code, basically. I can have total freedom to design from scratch, kind of like creating a collage. 

Wix is an extremely innovative software which is something that really impresses me; they are always adding new features, they listen to the requests us web designers who ask for new things all the time and they actually listen. 

Do I/can i use any other platform?


I can also build in Squarespace & Shopify. I do not build in Wordpress.

Although I can build in Shopify, I decided in 2020 that I was not going to build e-commerce websites anymore, as I believe my strengths lie in service websites.


In saying that, one of more popular services is in fact optimising Shopify websites - this means if you already have a website but you need it pimped out for SEO, I can help. 


Wix's SEO tools are incredible - they are continuously improving their SEO capabilities and are forward thinkers. But what I love most is how they don't try to complicate anything - they are huge on education and empowerment, they keep things simple. 

As I work mainly with service-based businesses, I think Wix is a fantastic platform to meet the needs of such businesses. 

Like I said, I have tried them all, but for me? Wix is my platform of choice. 

is there a superior website platform?


Contrary to what you read by that random person you don't know in that Facebook group you're apart of, no website platform is superior to the others. 

No website platform is necessarily 'bad for SEO' - Google have repeatedly said that they don't give preferential treatment on any one platform. Platform choice has nothing to do with how you rank on Google. End of story. 

Choosing a website platform should be about what best suits your website needs, and that's it. 

Not sure which platform might suit you/your business best? Send me an email and I'll help you to decide.