My top five Google Chrome extensions

I am a Chrome extension addict/lover 🤓 I have a few favs that I use almost every day that are particularly related to SEO that I'm going to share with you.

But first, if you're not sure what a Chrome extension is, it's a tool/software you can download to your Chrome browser to give you information about a website, and they enable you to tailor Chrome functionality and behaviour to your individual needs or preferences.

SEO Analysis and Website Review by Woorank

👉 A free tool that provides a deep SEO analysis of any website, providing a detailed analysis covering both on and off-page factors, giving you access to the most up-to-date data when and where you want it.

👉 The WooRank extension allows you to quickly check how well a webpage has been optimized for search engines, offering a list of suggestions to help you improve your online visibility.

👉 I use this extension to analyse clients website for a range of things including on-page SEO and technical SEO such as meta tags, link analysis, backlink analysis, mobile-friendliness, structures data, security and more.

If you want to keep an eye on your own websites SEO functionality or your competitors, or if you’re a digital marketer, this is a fantastic tool to help you create a data-backed SEO strategy or simply to make some small (or big) changes to a website

Broken Link Checker 🔗

This extension scans your websites internal links (or any websites links) and lets you know if there are any broken links you should be aware of.

It will tell you how many links you have, how many are 'good' and how many are 'bad/broken'.

It will tell you exactly which links are broken too, so you can quickly fix them up on your website and instantly improve your SEO.

Why are broken links bad for SEO?

Because they create a bad user experience and are website conversion KILLERS!

Check out the Broken Link Checker in the Chrome Extensions store - there are actually heaps of broken link checkers, but this one is my current fav 😉

Full-Screen Capture 📸

When I'm designing websites, I like to see the whole page that I've built so I can make sure everything works, looks good, is in it's place and it all flows well, as well as making sure it's visually appealing.

I use a Chrome extension called Full Screen Capture that takes a photo of the whole screen for you, which you can then download as a PDF or PNG file.

I use this extension a lot - the only bugger is that if the site has parallax scrolling or fancy scrolling effects, the extension will sometimes take doubles of those images using those effects.

Other than that, it's one of my favourite tools that helps me to create beautiful websites and gives me a full visual perspective of a clients site. I send these full images to clients when I want them to preview the work I've done so the can get the... full picture 😉

Rank Checker for Google™ 🔍

Wanna know where your website ranks in Google for your keywords without scrolling through pages and pages of search results?

Download a Chrome extension called 'rank checker for Google™'

1. Go to your website

2. Click the extension & voila - it tells you your Google ranking position number

It will tell you the position number, not the page number - for example, if it displays #1 that means Page 1, Position 1.

But if it displays #4 this means 4th position - as Google displays around 10 websites on each set of results pages, #4 would mean the website is displayed on page 1, position 4

If the number was #16, this would mean page 2 because it's in the second lot of 10 websites displayed, and the 6th position on page 2 - #16 means 16th *overall*.

I recommend running this tool once a month to see if there are any positional changes for your keyword.

Font Ninja

Ever visited a website and fallen in love with a font/type they've used and you're dying to know what it is?

Enter, Font Ninja!

This chrome extension is so simple to use - simply go to the website of the font you love, click the extension icon, and a list will appear with all the fonts used on that page. You can also hover over the specific font and see the name, colour code, bookmark it, download it or get more info.

As a font lover, this is by far one of my most favourite tools!

And there you have it... My top five Google Chrome extensions.