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Does a website that's been around longer automatically rank higher in GOOGLE?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

CONFESSION TIME OK, I'm going to make a huge admission... I was of the impression that a website would rank higher/better in Google which had been around for a while (years), than a new website. Turns out? Not so much the case.

A few factors come into place here though - I thought that:

  • If an older website was optimized for SEO and had updated/current content, it would automatically rank higher than a newer website that was also optimized for SEO

  • New websites could totally compete in the ranking with older sites, but that domain age was part of Google's

  • algorithm so it would take longer to *really* compete with older sites

But I've read an article by Search Engine Journal about SEO myths and in that article, they published a tweet reply from Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller as recently as July 2019, who replied to a tweet from someone saying that "domain age is one of the 200 signals of ranking".

John's response? "No, domain age helps nothing".

So turns out, older websites, in fact, DO NOT *automatically* rank higher than new websites.

There ya go!

I don't claim to know it all, never have and never will, but I will 100% admit that I thought this was a true fact of Google's algorithm. Always learning! And I will 100% always share my learnings with you ✌



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