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Website & SEO Review + Recommendations

Get an in-depth and comprehensive audit of your website and SEO with a clear picture of what is working and what you can do to skyrocket your online presence.

Why would you need a website & SEO review?

A website audit is a powerful tool for identifying the underlying issues that are holding your website back.
A detailed audit covers every aspect of your site, from design and functionality to content and SEO.

By pinpointing the problems and providing actionable recommendations, I can help you improve your online presence and attract more visitors to your site + increase conversions.

Here are 6 reasons you may need a website & SEO review/audit


You're getting website traffic but lacking conversions, or you're not getting any traffic.


You feel it's missing something but you can't put your finger on it.


You're unsure how to improve the design & user-experience.


You want to know how else you can improve it to increase Google visibility & increase your click-through rate from Google


You don't think your website is optimised for SEO.


You need expert advice on how to improve your content to keep users engaged on your website

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