Why avoiding your websites & SEO insights is detrimental to your online/business success

  • Assuming your website is performing is ignorant

  • Ignoring your data/metrics is choosing not to make informed decisions

  • Neglecting your data/insights doesn't build confidence in your brand and services

Let me guess - you logged into your Google Analytics, you looked at the Dashboard and saw some red text and some arrows pointing downwards, your shoulders dropped and you logged out.

Then you didn't log back into Google Analytics for another 6 months or longer because you didn't want to see those sad looking stats again so avoiding/neglecting it was easier 😢

But then 12 months later you're assessing the last years sales on your website or the website conversion rates and they're not good - things feel hopeless and you consider chucking in the towel 😰

💡Did you that all it could take to turn that all around is to learn how to understand your website data better?

And by doing that, you can make some informed decisions based on PROOF and REAL-TIME DATA 📊 to help you to grow your business and thrive online