The problem with having all your services listed on one page of your website

By having all of your services listed on the same page is that you'll want to add multiple keywords 🔑 to the same page to attract people to each service.


The problem with that is that those multiple keywords will then compete against each other 🤜🏻🤛🏻and Google won't know what keyword you're trying to target/type of Google-r you're trying to attract because of this🥴


Each page of your website should only target ONE specific keyword, so by having separate pages for each service you're able to target more keywords and implement more keywords into your website.


You can always have a Services page that lists all your services but then have links to the individual pages for each service on your website, and use a more board or general keyword for the Services page.


For example my own Services page could target "SEO Services", then my Website & SEO Audit page could have a more specific keyword such as "Is my website SEO-friendly?" because that's a very commonly searched question in Google, so I want to attract people to that page with that specific keyword.


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