Spot the red flags

I've seen a rise in the number of spam emails from so-called "SEO experts/agencies" in the last week, and it appears that some of my clients have specifically targeted this week, so I wanted to educate you on some reg flags you should look out for when one of these annoying emails lands in your inbox.

And it will land in your inbox or spam folder at some stage, they're very (annoyingly) common, even I get them!

Here's a few images below of what a client of mine received. See if you can spot the red flags and how many there are - then read below to see the list of red flags that I see.

🚩 1: Poorly written and many grammatical errors

🚩 2: No proof they've even looked at her site, no mention of her website, her URL, no report, nothing.

🚩 3: No use of first name, instead they use sire/madam (dead giveaway!)

🚩 4: Asking to work with her without any proof of anything, not knowing her name, not building any kind of rapport or relationship - straight for the fake sell

🚩 5: Guaranteeing they will get them ranking in the "top 10 spots" - top 10 spots of what? And what keywords? Also you can't guarantee anything, that's now how SEO/Google works, actual SEO specialists know this and never guarantee anything if they know what they're doing

🚩 6: Sentences that make no sense

🚩 7: Listing words as 'problems' again with no proof - trying to use technical terms as a scare mongering tactic

🚩 8: Begging to work with you/steal your money/trust them

🚩 9: Did I mention poor grammar?

🚩 10: Telling her to 'unsubscribe' to an email she didn't subscribe to, which is illegal to add something to an email list without their consent and using this as a way to get them to reply, to which they'll then send another email to further spam them

So next time you get one of these? Delete and forget!