A quick guide to auditing your website home page

At the time of writing this post on Instagram, we had just entered our first ever lockdown due to C-19. Panic was in the air, people losing jobs, people starting their own businesses online to generate an income, people in business already with a website but maybe had neglected it for a long time but realizing they needed to improve things...

So this post was more targeted to people who had websites already but needed to give it some TLC or a big kick up the bum and get it in tip-top shape.

However, these points can apply to your website at any time, not just during a pandemic. In fact, you should be auditing your websites regularly, at least once a month, to make sure it's working for you and not against you. So let's get stuck in!

Audit your home page by asking yourself/your website the following

🧐 Can a person who has never visited your website before, work out what it is you do, who you are and what you offer or sell, within the first 3-5 seconds of landing on your website, WITHOUT SCROLLING?

First impressions are everything! People don't want to waste their time trying to work out what it is that you do and if you're right for them, or you if you can solve their problem, they want quick answers within the first few seconds of landing on your website, and even better if they don't have scroll around and search for answers.

📸 If you're a service-based business, is there a photo of you on the home page?

People looking for services will first want to connect with the human providing the service, and first impressions are MAJOR when new users land on your website. People use emotion when browsing websites without them really knowing it - they go off vibes and feelings; they will assess their feelings when they see your photo on your website, they'll imagine what it's like to talk to you and to work with you, and form a very quick decision on whether those vibes are on or off.

If you don't have your photo on your website? They can't connect to the human behind the brand or the service, and they will end up leaving your website to find your social media accounts to find your face and hear your voice, then they'll get distracted by all the shiny social media things and forget you... (I know, ouch.)

👉 Are you directing people to your 'end game', a lot?

Your end game is the ultimate *thing* you want a website user/potential customer/client to DO on your website - the action you want them to take.

For example - book an appointment, download your freebie, buy your product, contact you...

What's your end game, and are there buttons and links everywhere (without being too pushy) that directs them there, or are we just reading a bunch of words then getting to the end of your website and going, hmm now what?

People want to be told what you want them to do, they want you to direct them, make it easy for them. Buttons, people, buttons!

There you go, a quick guide to auditing your website during a pandemic, or not.