6 Sexy SEO Tips for QUARTER 4, 2021

Here we are in Quarter 4 of 2021 and I'm bringing the heat 🔥 with 6 sexy SEO tips for September.

We're in the lead up to the 'crazy season', Christmas and New Year, and in my experience, it's about this time that people start to panic a little about generating more sales, getting their end of year promotions set up, and making sure they're nailing it on Google so that they're reaching as many people as they can to get them orders in/sign up for your final services for the year and gearing up for... dare I say it... 2022!

So, let's get stuck into it!

😍 Sexy SEO tip #1: De-clutter your website content

Been adding more and more content to your website throughout the year but haven't removed any old, irrelevant content? Get rid of it.

If any of your website content no longer serves a purpose or provides any value to your website users then don't leave it there - remove it off your site and lighten your site's load. This could help to decrease your site speed and page size, which is a quick and easy SEO win.

😍 Sexy SEO tip #2: Review your opt-ins

Have you had the same old subscriber opt-in on your website for months, even years? It's time to shake shit up! Can you create a new, more exciting, more valuable opt-in for your audience? Maybe a free downloadable, a checklist, a referral discount, a small gift?

A quick way to generate more website traffic and obtain new subscribers (and to treat your current subscribers) is to offer something your audience might want or find useful and helpful, and this could result in them wanting to share your new incentive with their own audience - hello free marketing! Scrub up your opt-ins and give the people something shiny and new.

😍 Sexy SEO tip #3: Pimp your meta descriptions

Meta descriptions don't need to be boring even though meta tags aren't seen as the 'sexy' side of SEO, but let me tell you, if you inject a bunch of personality into your meta descriptions then can increase your CTR (click through rate) and generate more website traffic.

How can you spice things up? Here's an example of my own current meta description:

"Helping businesses to thrive online with custom web design & SEO services for small businesses & start ups." And I'm going to call myself out here - #yawn. Let's add a little spice, shall we?

"🙋🏻‍♀️ I'm Karlie - I empower businesses to catapult their digital profiles & grow their online communities with Google-lovin' websites 💻 & simple, but impactful, SEO services 💪🏻"

And yes - emojis in meta descriptions is totally a thing - it can help you stand out from the crown in search results and add a zing of personality to an otherwise boring old meta description!

😍 Sexy SEO tip #4: Increase your social proof

A great way to increase your know/like/trust factor especially for people who are only just discovering you for the first time, is to let others tell them how fab you are.

Add some fresh client or customer reviews to your websites home page - maybe someone has left you a Google review recently that you could add to your site? If you have had the same reviews on your website for a while, think about replacing them with new ones. Or, add a Google review widget or any other review widget to your site so people can see the latest reviews.

Wanna go 1 step further? With permission, add a photo of the person who left you a review, or even better? Ask one of your clients/customers to do a quick 10-20 second video review and add it to your website! The more human the reviews feel, the better.

Check out Suz Chadwicks new website and look at the 3 types of reviews she has, including a GIF video, text reviews, and a review with the persons photo -

😍 Sexy SEO tip #5: Add an Accessibility widget to your website

Is your website digitally inclusive? Can people with vision impairments or dyslexia use your website appropriately? Most website users don't think about this when building their websites, but without a Accessibility widget such as EqualWeb or Userway for example, you could be excluding people with disabilities from accessing your website and content.

These widgets allow the user to toggle your website to help them navigate and consume your content - for example, they can click a button and increase the text size, operate a screenreader, dim bright colours, increase the cursor size, highlight link, change fonts, and more.

You can get a free Accessibility widget from EqualWeb at and click through to Plan & Pricing - Free tools. Or you can check out their paid options and other tools.

😍 Sexy SEO tip #6: Get rid of Linktree

Rather than paying for a third party app like Linktree in your Instagram bio, create your own 'link tree' on your own website. You can brand it how you like, it doesn't cost anything, and you're encouraging more direct website clicks to your website.

The link could just be something like or for example. Here's some cool examples:

And there you have it - my 6 sexy SEO tips for September and for the remainder of 2021. I hope you found them helpful - would love to know what you thought or if you have any questions, chuck them in the comments.

And if you found this blog valuable and you think your own audience will to, I'd love for you to share it!


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