3 common e-commerce website mistakes

1️⃣. Not adding words/only adding products to the Home page.

It’s like someone walking into your physical store and shoving products in our face and saying “BUY BUY BUY!” - it’s kinda rude and off-putting. Say hello, welcome us, tell us a bit about who you are, make us feel warm first, then we might feel more inclined to buy from you if you treat us like humans and not dollar signs.

2️⃣. Not adding alt titles to all your product images.

When you add multiple images for 1 single product, ALL of those images need alt titles. It’s important for SEO to do this; Google reads alt titles to learn what the images is, and people with impaired vision use screen readers to read the image description. It’s a perfect place to add keywords to your site which helps you get found on Google.

3️⃣. Duplicating products but not editing the product URL

This makes your SEO sad - Google reads your URL to learn what the product is and when they see this type of URL? It gives them no information - it’s what they call an “unfriendly URL” and will lead to poor SEO

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