Mini Website Audit

The Mini Website Audit is the little sister/lite version of the Premium website/SEO audit - smaller price-point but solid website feedback to help you improve website and SEO performance, simple and actionable tips via video with a nifty little checklist to boot. 


It's an objective analysis of your website that gives you straight-shooter feedback on how you can make simple, effective changes to improve performance and usability.


What's covered:


  • An analysis of your home page design and how you can improve it to keep people engaged and increase click-throughs to the rest of your website


  • An analysis of your home page SEO including meta tags, image optimisation, site speed, security and any critical errors such as broken links and how to fix them


  • A brief analysis of your website content, looking for keywords & suggestions of other possible keywords you could be using to drive website traffic & improve Google rankings


  • A video analysis + checklist on all suggested improvements


how it works

1. Fill in the form below

2. Make payment

3. Sit back and relax - your audit will be emailed in 2 weeks

4. After you receive your audit I will follow up with you in a weeks time to see if you have any questions or would like to discuss further work with me