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I'm a massive supporter of small businesses, and these are just a few that I want to mention who are doing great things, and a couple of them have some links to services/products that I endorse. 

Every website needs to have a number of policies in order to protect your business, yourself and your website users. Depending on the type of website and business you have, you could be required to have 1, or multiple policies on your website.


Some of these include:​​

Website Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

Cookies Policy

Medical Disclaimer

Nondisclosure Agreement

Refund Policy

You don't necessarily need to hire a lawyer to and pay thousands of $ for custom policies (lots of "it depends" here) - my friend Shallini from Legally Shallini provides some super easy to use policy templates which I myself have purchased and downloaded for my own website to make sure I'm protecting myself and my business.


These templates are customisable and you're given a guide in each template on what you need to tweak so that it fits your business. How good is that!

So easy and way more affordable, and smarter than having no policies and putting yourself and your business in a risky position.


Click the button below to view the policy templates by Legally Shallini and start protecting yourself and your business NOW.

Instagram Unpacked Self-Guided Learning 

If Instagram currently feels like a waste of time. If you are frustrated by the algorithm and if you are tired of putting in so much effort for little or no return it’s time to ditch the Insta-baggage and wave farewell to overwhelm, outdated tactics and posting on-the-fly.⁠

Introducing Instagram Unpacked Self-Guided Learning - your one-way ticket to Instagram success.

Over 6 weeks you’ll get access to the same system I’ve used to help clients win new business, grow their followers and increase engagement on their content – all while actually *enjoying* marketing their business on Instagram.


Use the discount code TECHNO50 for $100 off Instagram Unpacked Self-Guided Learning. This is the online-only version of Instagram Unpacked.

This offer is valid until 30 June 2021 and applies to one-time payments only. It is not applicable for payment plans.

Branding, Photography, Shopify Web Design/Development

My friends Jess & Crystal are probably the most positive, bright & colourful duo that I know. The Who specialises in branding, photography, design & Shopify websites, based in Melbourne. 

I'm excited to partner with The Who and their rad AF clients and their SEO needs. Basically, The Who will be designing until the cows come home, and I'll be making sure their client's website are in peak SEO condition. 

If you're looking for a couple of smiley, happy-go-lucky gals who are bold, bright, talented beyond words and ready to bring your brand to life? Look no further than Jess & Crystal! 


I am fortunate to live and carry out my work on Djadjawurung land. I pay my respects to elders past and present and I acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. This land always was, and always will be Aboriginal land.

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