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Website & SEO Consulting

When you just need someone to tell you what to do and how to do it. 


 Is this you? 

✔️ Lacking direction and clarity about your website

✔️ Stuck on deciding what platform your website should be on

✔️ Confused about why your website isn't showing up on Google

✔️ Wondering how to take your website to the next level

✔️ Seeking support on where to start when it comes to SEO

✔️ Ready to quit because it all seems too hard

✔️ Ready to talk to someone who you can actually trust

Girl, I got you!

Website & SEO Health Check + Action Plan

A no b.s review of your website and SEO health without the tricky tech talk or overwhelm.

❌You won’t just be given a PDF full of stats and graphs and words you don’t understand.

✅You will get a clear and through action plan with steps and professional advice on what’s actually, honestly needed to help you to grow your online presence

📹 Video explanations
📝 Straightforward checklist
⏰ Action the guide in your own time

Here's one I prepared earlier (but like, reeeaaally sped up >)

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